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BNCI Research in the ICT 7.2 cluster

T 012, 29/09/2010 (09:00-10:30)

Opportunities for collaborative work in brain/neuronal interface research will come under the microscope.

This session on BNCI research will have two elements. First, representatives from projects funded within Challenge 7.2 under the ICT Framework will summarise their projects' goals, accomplishments and remaining challenges. Second, there will be a discussion focusing not only on these discussions, but also on clustering issues now and in the future. Some common elements within the cluster have already been identified, providing an opportunity for useful discussion and collaboration. It is hoped that more opportunities for working together can be identified. This session complements the six exhibits at the ‘BNCI Village’ in the exhibit area, which will have demonstrations, flyers, videos and other supporting material.

Technical description

Web site:

Coordinator: Brendan ALLISON (Graz University of Technology, Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces, Austria)

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Brendan ALLISON, 21/09/2010 10:45

Here is the schedule for the event. Please email me with any questions:

Time Topic

00’ – 05’ “Welcome and Future BNCI”

Dr. Brendan Allison, Graz University of Technology.

05’ – 10’ “Decoder”

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler, University of Würzburg.

10’ – 15’ “BrainAble”

Felip Miralles, Barcelona Digital Technology Center.

15’ – 20’ “AsTeRICS”

Roland Ossman, KI-I.

20’ – 25’ “BrainGain”

Prof. Dr. Peter Desain, Radboud University Nijmegen.

25’ – 30’ “Tobi”

Prof. Dr. José del R. Millán, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

30’ – 35’ “Brain”

Prof. Dr. Paul McCullagh, University of Ulster.

35’ – 40’ “Mindwalker”

Michel Ilzkovitz, Space Applications

40’ – 45’ “Tremor and Better”

Prof. Dr. Jose Pons, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones.

45’ – 90’ Structured panel discussion including questions and answers

Topics may include:

Emerging directions ||| Opportunities and roadblocks ||| Collaboration


Ilse RAVYSE, 26/09/2010 21:44

Thank you for organizing this very interesting session, Softkinetic is looking forward to talk to the BNCI researchers about the integration of the brain/neuronal interfaces with ‘common’ interfaces. We hereby invite all BNCI researchers to experience our gesture recognition middleware for games at the Belgian pavilion booth B01.


Harry TSAHALIS, 29/09/2010 06:13

Session and area of interest per our activities in the FP areas per development and application based on Neural Networks and Expert Systems, but in the particular case of Multi-parameter / Multi-dimensional Human Response Modelling (i.e., combination of subjective sensing state with and vs. objective psychological perceived state) and possibilities of integration with real-time portable or non-intrusive input interface and acquisition solutions.


Brendan ALLISON, 01/10/2010 08:57

Thanks to everyone who attended our networking session! We had some good talks and discussion, and we've already had some interesting follow-up talks. Please comment on our website at - then Community and Discussion Forum.


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