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VIB: Virtual Interpretation Booths

This is a stand in the Belgian National Pavilion, located in Zone B: Belgium National Pavillion. Stand number: B22 - day 2

Remote interpretation allows an interpreter to work from anywhere, with a simple mobile audio-kit.

Simultaneous translation enables meetings and conferences between people of different languages. An interpreter translates what is being said in real-time so that an audience can listen in his or her own mother tongue. This demonstration will show how a specialised conference bridge provides the infrastructure to use the public phone network and the internet for remote interpretation. The audience can also be situated anywhere, making it possible to broadcast conferences on the internet in multiple languages as a webcast. The virtual interpretation booth is a solution to the growing problem of a shortage of interpreters, and large organisations such as the UN and the EU are increasingly being joined by business in their need for linguistic support.

Technical description

Coordinator: Fran├žois-Xavier DESPRET (3GSP, Belgium)

ID: 3126