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ICT4FEV: Information and Communication Technology for the Full Electric Vehicle

This is an information stand, located in Zone E: Information Booths. Stand number: E03

ICT4FEV is a coordination action aimed at building an R&D community in the field of enabling technologies for the full electric vehicle (FEV).

ICT4FEV will identify and review the means of achieving this through research and development, manufacturing, integration and standardisation. Regular updates of the European FEV roadmap are foreseen, along with expert hearings, networking events and coordination with FEV-related activities at the national, European and global level. ICT4FEV is a coordination action under the ICT pillar of the public-private partnership European green cars initiative, and offers all projects funded under this the opportunity to present their missions and approaches. At the same time, it represents the European technology platforms and key stakeholders in both academia and industry involved in the initiative.

Technical description

Coordinator: Gereon MEYER (VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Innovation Europe, Germany)

ID: 3080