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EnerCities: Gaming for a better future

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R3 - Green ICT. Stand number: R3-05

The EC-funded project EnerCities aims to improve the awareness of energy issues among young people by means of serious gaming.

This exhibit presents the EnerCities project which has created a serious game for young people (aged 15-20) to play and experience energy-related implications. Players are challenged to build a sustainable city. The game starts with a small village and a piece of land to build on. Using a drag-and-drop interface, players can build structures and expand their city. They need to balance people, planet and profit – while supplying the city with sufficient electricity and minimising fossil fuel use. When players have done well, they can move up a level and get more space to build on. Visitors to the exhibit can play EnerCities and experience the learning power of serious gaming. A special competition will provide the extra motivation for them to reach a high score.

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Coordinator: Erik KNOL (Qeam BV, Netherlands)

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