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HANDLE: Robot hand dextreous manipulation

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-05

The ‘developmental pathway towards autonomy and dexterity in robot in-hand manipulation’ (HANDLE) project is improving robotic hands.

Robots need to be able to better ‘handle’ the world! This project will allow future robots to learn, in the same way as humans do, how to work with any kind of objects, to grasp and to manipulate them. This exhibit showcases the project which is aiming to create grasp and skilled in-hand movements using an anthropomorphic artificial hand. From the robot grippers of today it is moving towards more autonomous, natural and effective articulated robot hands. HANDLE also explores fundamental research to endow the proposed robotic hand with perception capabilities, feedback control and elements of intelligence. These would allow recognition of objects and context, reasoning about actions and a high degree of recovery from failure when executing dexterous tasks.

Technical description

Coordinator: Mohamed ABDERRAHIM (University Carlos III of Madrid, Systems Engineering and Automation, Spain)

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