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LivingKnowledge: Making Diversity a true Asset of the Web

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-06

LivingKnowledge is the ‘trustworthy eternal systems via evolving software, data and knowledge’ project focusing on search technology.

The web lives on content creation from the multitude of actors involved, and has the potential to give everyone a voice. However, today’s search technology fails to reflect this. For example, finding all the perspectives on ‘global warming’, spotting bias in the text and images, and understanding the topic’s evolution can be a tedious task, although crucial for making well-informed decisions. This exhibit will show examples of technologies developed by the LivingKnowledge project for enabling bias-, diversity- and evolution-aware information access. This includes diversity-aware search in text and images, and analysis of future predictions. In addition, there will be a forum for discussing diversity and bias in information and how to deal with them.

Technical description

Coordinator: Claudia NIEDERÉE (University of Hannover, L3S Research Center, L3S Research Center, Germany)

ID: 2991