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ICT 2010

QUIE2T: Quantum Information Entanglement-Enabled Technologies

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R2 - ICT inside. Stand number: R2-09

The ‘quantum information entanglement-enabled technologies’ (QUIE2T) project is enhancing European S&T excellence in this field.

QUIE2T is an FP7 Coordination Action project on QIPC (Quantum Information Processing and Communication) research covering several EC-funded projects. This exhibit will present some exciting ideas and innovations at the forefront of QIPC research. European researchers are aiming to capitalise on recent developments in small-scale applications involving a few quantum particles. Visitors will discover what the term ‘quantum’ actually means, and its implications for ICT. Examples of the first commercial application of QIPC – true random number generators for applications such as information security, gaming, lotteries, and scientific research – will be demonstrated through a ‘quantum roulette’ game, in which visitors will have the chance to win small prizes.

Technical description

Coordinator: Kamna PRUVOST (University of Oxford, Physics Department, United Kingdom)

ID: 2988