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InTopSens: Design of Diagnostic Assays for Diagnostics and Drug Discovery

This is a stand in the SME village, located in Zone C: SME Village. Stand number: C08

Dual polarisation interferometer scientific instruments can determine the conformation and orientation of biomolecules when captured on a glass slide.

A number of framework projects that combine innovative sensor-detection platforms with biochemistry have been launched with the aim of creating diagnostic or discovery products. Farfield has joined several consortia – SABIO, InTopSens, ASMENA and Positive – in order to contribute both practical experience of instrumentation design and use of its characterisation tool to provide insights into assay design. The correct conformation and orientation of surface-captured biomolecules greatly enhances system performance. Examples of both instrument and assay development will be demonstrated at this exhibit.

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Coordinator: Gerry RONAN (Farfield Group Ltd, United Kingdom)

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