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ARTEMIS: ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

This is an information stand, located in Zone E: Information Booths. Stand number: E01

ARTEMIS is the European technology platform in advanced R&D on embedded intelligent systems.

Over 98% of all computing chips are actually hidden or ‘embedded’ in all sorts of things that do not even look like computers. The EU recognises the strategic importance of embedded computing systems and has launched the ARTEMIS Joint Technology Initiative (JTI). The ARTEMIS JTI is implemented as a Joint Undertaking which is a public-private partnership between the EC, Member States and ARTEMISIA, a non-profit industrial association. ARTEMISIA is the ARTEMIS industrial association which represents the research community including industry (both large and SMEs), universities and research institutes. In this exhibit, ARTEMIS will provide information about its funded R&D programme, and offer insights into a number of 'typical' ARTEMIS-funded projects.

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Coordinator: Alun FOSTER (ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, Belgium)

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