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m:Ciudad: A Metropolis of Ubiquitous Services

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R4 - ICT connects. Stand number: R4-02

The m:Ciudad or ‘a metropolis of truly ubiquitous services’ project aims to set up a new service infrastructure using mobile devices.

Imagine that you are able to create instant services with information, content and knowledge with, and in, your mobile device. And suppose that this knowledge can be used remotely by other users in a simple way, with their mobile devices. And now, imagine the amount of available knowledge within those services – millions or perhaps billions of potential sources with valuable information, constantly updated, relevant to our immediate interests and context aware. This exhibit will present the scope of the m:Ciudad project which includes user-friendly creation tools for mobiles; an optimised execution environment; a model for knowledge warehousing; a proposed specific search engine; and a set of business models for users, service providers and third parties.

Technical description

Coordinator: Maribel NARGANES (Tecnalia-Robotiker, Telecom, Spain)

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