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Ideal-ist: globally connecting people in FP7!

T 011, 29/09/2010 (09:00-10:30)

Connecting potential partners is an effective way of getting ICT projects off the ground.

This session is about connecting stakeholders participating in the FP7 ICT programme or those who have a project idea in line with the challenges of the ICT work programme. Ideal-ist, an international ICT partner-search network, aims to provide participants with the opportunity to find out how to improve their participation in the ICT theme of FP7, present and discuss new project ideas on ICT and speed-date potential project partners from all over the world.

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Coordinator: Dunja SWIERSTRA (Euresearch, Switzerland)

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Fabio NASCIMBENI, 20/07/2010 14:48

Very interesting and useful session, especially for the quality check provided by the IDEAL-IST service.


Huseyin METIN, 30/07/2010 13:40

Ideal-IST brokerage events are always good for new comers. I will attend.


Susanne FORMANEK, 10/08/2010 17:25

Tips and tools on how to improve the participation in ICT in FP7! - looking forward to this session!


Alexandru STAN, 13/08/2010 19:06

I am looking forward to meeting those that are looking for cooperation partners! This is always an interesting session.


Dana PETCU, 21/08/2010 11:44

Having a session for supporting the partnership building is a big plus especially for the new incomers to the FP7-ICT programme!

I will surely attend the IDEAL-IST session not only since I belief in the necessity to act at European level to ensure professional support for consortium formations, but also due to another reason exposed bellow.

FP7 SPRERS project ( that I am coordinating is building a map of competences in software services from new member states that will be available just in time for ICT 2010.

In the context of IDEAL-IST session gathering peoples searching for partners, I think that the map of competences as well as the SPRERS findings related to the improvement of new member states participation to ICT will be of interest for the IDEAL-IST session audience.


Elisa MORON LOPEZ, 08/09/2010 10:39

I am looking forward


Gregory CULPIN, 10/09/2010 11:36

As a young Belgian company having developed an award-winning knowledge sharing solution called Knowledge Plaza, we've been mainly working with major industry players and SMEs involved in market research, R&D, associations, etc.

To be honest, we know very little about the FP7 program although we've often been told our solution would be a collaboration environment for EU projects. I'm therefore very enthusiastic at the thought of meeting potential partners and learning about how we could provide benefits to EU research programs.

Best regards,



Neil HERNÁNDEZ GRESS, 11/09/2010 04:59

Very interesting event. See you all there...


Myer MORRON, 13/09/2010 10:41

Hope that EFPC can assist participation either directly or via



Patrick O'BEIRNE, 14/09/2010 16:14

The Informatics Development Institute (IDI) interest lies in provision of cost-effective communications for remote regions of developing countries. There are very many regions in Africa, and elsewhere, which remain untouched by the communications revolution especially outside the great urban sprawls.

We have been seeking to contact other interested parties in order to prepare proposals for a continuation of our TRINET project funded under FP5.


Ranjan BHATTACHARYYA, 23/09/2010 11:48

Registered to attend.


Nikolaos CHRYSIKOPOULOS, 24/09/2010 17:17



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