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ICT 2010

CONFIDENCE: Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R5 - Digital Society. Stand number: R5-08

CONFIDENCE, the ‘ubiquitous care system to support independent living’ project helps the elderly gain confidence and independence.

The CONFIDENCE project is developing a care system for detecting abnormal events (such as falls) and unexpected behaviour that may be related to a health problem in elderly people. This exhibit will present the prototype the project has developed. It consists of a central computer (base-station), a portable device, some anchors in the room, and certain tags that an exhibitor will be wearing. The prototype will monitor the exhibitor’s movements and detect any abnormal events (such as falls, loss of consciousness or limping). From the position of each tag, the system will reconstruct the body’s posture and decide if the exhibitor has suffered a fall or is acting abnormally. When a fall or an atypical situation is detected, the system raises an alarm.

Technical description

Coordinator: Igone VÉLEZ (CEIT, Electronics and Communications, Spain)

ID: 2744