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Robots: Lending a hand and boosting EU economic growth
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The million industrial robots worldwide do not only assist or even replace people performing repetitive, dangerous or tiring tasks - they have also, according to one recent estimate, created some three million jobs in 8 years.

The global robotics market is now worth €15.5 billion a year, with some €3 billion of that in the EU. The EU also has a 25% share of the global industrial robotics market, and half of the professional service robotics sector. By 2020, the whole service robotics market could be worth over €100 billion.

The European Commission, industry and academia are working together to launch a Public Private Partnership (PPP) which will:

  • improve EU industrial competitiveness through robotic technologies;
  • provide robots and robotic services to help solve some of the EU’s societal challenges, such as ageing;
  • address ethical and legal issues;
  • develop strategic goals.

The EU's reseach programmes have funded over 120 robotics projects looking at:

  • scene and situation understanding
  • physical behaviour such as grasping objects
  • perception through artificial senses, including computer vision.


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