Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

About our goals

The Digital Agenda contains 101 actions, in 7 pillars, which will help to reboot the EU economy and enable Europe's citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies.

The DAE is not just about ticking-off items from a long list, it is about using technologies to make a real difference.  The DAE contains 13 specific goals which encapsulate the change we want to achieve:

  1. the entire EU to be covered by broadband by 2013.
  2. the entire EU to be covered by broadband above 30 Mbps by 2020
  3. 50 % of the EU to subscribe to broadband above100 Mbps by 2020
  4. 50 % of the population to buy online by 2015
  5. 20 % of the population to buy online cross-border by 2015
  6. 33 % of SMEs to make online sales/purchases by 2015
  7. the difference between roaming and national tariffs to approach zero by 2015
  8. to increase regular internet usage from 60 % to 75 % by 2015, and from 41 % to 60 % among disadvantaged people.
  9. to halve the proportion of the population that has never used the internet from 30 % to 15 % by 2015
  10. 50 % of citizens to use eGovernment by 2015, with more than half returning completed forms
  11. all key cross-border public services, to be agreed by Member States in 2011, to be available online by 2015
  12. to double public investment in ICT R&D to € 11 bn by 2020
  13. to reduce energy use of lighting by 20% by 2020

Progress against these targets is measured in the annual Digital Agenda Scoreboard where you can see how each Member State is achieving, download complete datasets to compare or develop your own analysis.

The Commission presented a mid-term review of the Digital Agenda for Europe in December 2012.