Digital Agenda for Europe
A Europe 2020 Initiative

Telecoms & Internet

The EU telecommunications industry has seen spectacular growth and development. That has taken place within an EU policy framework that promotes competition, investment and innovation; coupled with strategic investments in research and development.

EU action on telecoms and the internet is a full part of the Digital Agenda, including:

  • Telecoms: setting the framework to regulate the industry while protecting consumer rights, promoting advances in wireless technology, and bringing broadband to everyone;
  • encouraging the development of cloud computing, one of the major trends in telecommunications and computing in the years ahead;
  • fostering innovation and growth in the development of Software & Services;
  • ensuring the fundamental technologies underpinning the Internet can keep up with demand;
  • tackling the challenges of Cyber-security - from fighting online fraud through to protecting children online.
Last updated on 01/04/2015