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"Start your Online Business!"
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Creating the right conditions for Europe's web entrepreneurs to launch and grow sustainable business

Running an online business is an increasingly attractive alternative to an office job, particularly for a new generation of young entrepreneurs.

These web entrepreneurs can have a major impact on the creation of high-quality jobs and growth throughout Europe - the "apps economy", for example, offers entrepreneurs completely new opportunities to start up their microenterprise. Supporting Europe's best web entrepreneurs to launch and grow sustainable businesses is therefore central to Europe's Digital Agenda.

The Commission will propose a strategy to develop a new business environment for web entrepreneurs which eases regulatory and administrative burdens in Europe by the end of 2012. It will be built around the reinforcement of a positive entrepreneurial culture in Europe, funding and incentives schemes, retaining talent and support to understand the web entrepreneurs' ecosystem in Europe

The strategy will in part build on a variety of activities, the Commission already has underway to support online business.

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