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Database of digital services for carers of the elderly launched

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The European Commission's Joint Research Center has partnered with EUROCARERS to launch a new online database of digital services for carers of older people. This new tool offers access to 78 good practices of digital services for older care at home, which the JRC gathered and that EUROCARERS, the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, helped make available to all.

Testing e-health services in the Nordics - Connected For Health project launched

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The Connected for Health project promotes a wider use of open FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks to make public services more accessible also in rural areas. The objective of the project is to identify, test and evaluate new and existing systems and services for providing accessible home health care over open FTTH networks. The idea is to find most suitable, user friendly and cost-efficient combinations of systems for individual needs of patients and clients.

Report of the Conference 'Innovative Financing Opportunities for Active & Healthy Ageing'

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The European Commission organised the conference 'Innovative Financing Opportunities for Active & Healthy Ageing' on the 3rd June 2015. The conference looked at the issue of how to practically leverage public and private financial instruments and maximise synergies in the area of active & healthy ageing. In particular, the conference focused on the EU financial instruments, the Investment plan for Europe, joint-procurement of innovative solutions, new ways of public-private co-investments in health, European Structural and Investment Funds, social innovation and more recent innovative alternative financing tools.

The European Parliamentary Research Service publishes briefing on the Silver Economy

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The 'Silver Economy' covers a host of different but interlinked strands; together these can improve the quality of life and inclusion in society and involvement in economic activity of the ageing population through developing innovative policies, products and services to meet their needs, bringing more growth and jobs. The concept has been emerging over the years, and recently gathered momentum with the European Commission's first paper on the topic.

The Longest Autonomous Flight

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AtlantikSolar broke the World record for the longest autonomous flight by a small Unmanned Aerial Vehichle (UAV) ever in July. The sturdy solar powered light aircraft was airborne for 81 hours non-stop facing gusts of wind of 60 km/hour (nearly 40 mph).

ICT 2015 Exhibition - online catalogue of exhibitors

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The online catalogue featuring the exhibitors present at ICT 2015 is now published.

Workshop report on new EU eGovernment Action Plan

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The European Commission (DG Connect/Public Services) organised a workshop on 1 July 2015 in Brussels (the first of a series) to gather views and opinions from key stakeholders on their expectations from the new eGovernment Action Plan (2016-2020). The workshop also aimed to improve citizens’ and businesses’ experience when interacting with public administrations and to facilitate their relationship with governments. The workshop report provides an overview of what was discussed that day.

Organisation of STARTS prize

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As part of its activities in linking the Arts into innovation activities under the heading STARTS (S&T&ARTS) the European Commission (DG CONNECT) is launching a call for 'Organisation of STARTS prize'. The deadline for submission of proposals is September 21st, 17.00

Commission launches €2 million pilot project to develop new subtitled versions of selected TV programmes across Europe

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In order to facilitate cross border on-line dissemination of cultural content, the Commission aims at trying out innovative strategies for the provision of subtitled versions of European factual cultural programming. To do so, the present call for proposals has just been published.

International Conference on ICT for Ageing Well and e-Health

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The second edition of this event (ICT4AWE) aims to offer a meeting point for those that study and apply information and communication technologies for improving the quality of life of the elderly and for helping people stay healthy, independent and active at work or in their community along their whole life. ICT4AWE facilitates the exchange of information and dissemination of best practices, innovation and technical improvements in the fields of age-related health care, education, social coordination and ambient assisted living.