Digital Agenda for Europe
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National & Local Coalitions

National and Local Coalitions for Digital Jobs are multi-stakeholder partnerships developed in Member States to enhance digital skills at national, regional or local level.
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National Coalitions

National coalitions are a reflection of the Grand Coalition at a Member State level. They are composed of several relevant national stakeholders, which can be ICT and ICT-using companies, education and training providers, education and employment Ministries, public and private employment services, associations, NGOs and social partners.

National Coalitions mobilise constituencies and stakeholders to collaborate in areas such as increasing industry-led training, certifying skills, improving school and university curricula, and raising awareness about ICT careers, especially among young people and women.

How are we doing?

The online Pledge Tracker shows the progress made by the National Coalitions.

Note: the information is provided by the National Coalitions themselves.

Current National Coalitions

National Coalitions have already been launched in 8 Member States, namely:

About 10 more National Coalitions are under formation and are expected to be launched within the next months.

Cooperate with existing National Coalitions

We invite you to contact the National Coalitions to support their effort at the country level. For doing so you can either get in touch with them directly, or contact the Secretariat, who will liaise with the relevant coordinating body at the national level.

Key Guidelines for setting up and managing National Coalitions

The shortage of ICT specialists is a problem for the European economy as a whole. Nevertheless, given the diversity of educational systems and labour market conditions, each Member State faces a set of specific challenges. It is up to National Coalitions to define the most effective actions which can be undertaken in their respective countries to address the shortage of ICT specialists. Some Key Guidelines should be addressed as widely as possible across Europe.

We welcome suggestions from stakeholders on the Key Principles. If you wish to make a suggestion, please contact the Secretariat.

Local Coalitions

Local Coalitions are local multi-stakeholder partnerships which respond to the Grand Coalition goals and expectations with local adapted solutions. Their role is related to the promotion and implementation of locally identified actions.

Local Coalitions are designed to respond to local needs, and may include a number of stakeholders coming from various horizons.

Current Local Coalitions

Cooperate with or set up a Local Coalition

Local Coalitions have already been launched in different countries and are under development in several others.

We invite you to contact them in order to support their effort at the local level, or, if there are not Local Coalitions in your area, you can contribute to the cause by setting up a new one.

If you are willing to cooperate with an existing Local Coalition you can contact the Secretariat, who will liaise with the relevant coordinating body at the local level.

Last updated on 19/02/2015