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ICT-enabled public sector innovation

The open government approach enables public bodies to be more transparent and open, more accountable and more agile.
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The new technologies being deployed and adopted by the public sector are bringing in new, innovative ways in which citizens and businesses interact with public authorities; new ways of working for administrations themselves; and providing new business opportunities through the re-use of public sector information and collaborative production of services.

The Malmö Ministerial Conference on eGovernment set out the vision in 2009, to make European public administrations open, flexible and collaborative in their relations with citizens and businesses. The vision was translated into several concrete actions through the open government concept, in the European eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015. In particular, a number of eParticipation and innovative eGovernment projects have been launched to increase the capacity of citizens, businesses and other organisations to be pro-active in society, using new technological tools and innovative technical approaches.

Horizon 2020, the new EU framework programme for research and innovation

Horizon 2020 continues to support ICT-enabled public sector innovation in Europe. In preparation for the first Work Programme, the European Commission carried out a consultation in 2013.

The ICT 2013 event presented H2020 for the ICT constituency, where details of ICT-enabled public sector innovation under the H2020 Work Programme 2014-15 were also explained.

In 2015, eGovernment / ICT-enabled public sector innovation related activities will be supported through the following topics, under Societal Challenge 6: "Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies" (SC6):

• research into using emerging technologies in public sector (EURO-6: Meeting new societal needs by using emerging technologies in the public sector)
• innovation actions for mobile, personalised public services and transparency of public administrations (INSO-1: ICT-enabled open government)
• design and creation of innovative applications by SMEs, in order to foster the delivery of mobile public services for local and regional public authorities (INSO-9: Innovative mobile e-government)

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