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European Wisdom Network (EWN) crowd creates Europe, Network Society, productivity, growth and a single digital market

We have created a "European Wisdom" magazine (ie; Flipboard) which chooses links from hundreds of things (presentations, videos and articles) on our web site in a book so knowledge and wisdom can be shared fast. It is available here

Many of the problems of Europe are derived from failures or exhaustion of the Information Age structures. These structures need to be upgraded to Wisdom Networks. The inevitable evolution to the Wisdom of Crowds needs to be accelerated to improve productivity, growth and integrate European Society using the flexibility of the internet.

Exhaustion of Information Age
Diminishing returns means that returns from the hierarchy and incremental information technology have resulted in declining or negative negative productivity for Europe over the last decade. Productivity determines standard of living and wealth. Europe is not creating wealth and has been reduced to wealth transfers between communities. Further investment in the Information Age will not deliver productivity or growth. The Information Age is exhausted.

After decades, society has crowd created all the pieces necessary for Wisdom
Society has crowd created connectivity (internet), information (world wide web) and software (open source software communities). The community needs to crowd create Wisdom (knowledge and action) in a person to person network which extinguishes the underlying problem.
The underlying problem is that information is isolated, communities are opaque and deriving profit from information discourages the inevitable and necessary shift to transparency, access and a prevailing meritocracy which is the environment in which wisdom can be achieved.

European Wisdom Network
EWN moves beyond the Information Age and organises the wisdom of crowds to transform health, equity market, education, governance, democracy and other fields of human endeavour. Many current problems don’t need to be solved, because they can be eliminated by solving the underlying problem.

EWN reduces complex communities to 6 types of “Things” and a few simple interactions in a peer to peer network. It is this innovation that means all industries can be disrupted concurrently.  The cloud simple scales this simplicity to hundreds of millions of people. A European Wisdom Network is a more efficient means of person to person communication and organising a society to achieve outcomes. Wisdom Networks are a cloud of things, books, process and outcomes distributed amongst the people. Wisdom Networks deliver transparency, global access and meritocracy across every community in a person to person network.

A European Wisdom Network (EWN) could be launched within 180 days and provide integration, accountability, transparency and accessibility across Europe within a short period (assuming citizen adoption by choice or government mandate). It is multi-lingual. The focus and Wisdom of Crowds is bought to every 'thing' in Europe.

Collective intelligence - Technological Singularity
People, books and things are distributed across information and wisdom networks that becomes a collective intelligence.
Wisdom Networks have gamification or points built in. People earn points for the quality and quantity of their contribution.  It is a contribution that a government irrespective of size or budget could never match. The economic and social integration of Europe could become a game with the contribution of everyone harnessed and focussed on outcomes.

European Network Society based on the best open source of Europe
The EWN is based on the world’s largest and, arguably, best content management system (CMS) for the enterprise which has a community of more than 100,000 people (mostly in Western Europe). The EWN is a common platform, common taxonomy for a European Wisdom Network to crowd create a European Networked Society. The EWN uses Europe’s largest open source software content management system to manage the content and wisdom of the European Network Society.

Rapid jump in Growth and productivity
A European Wisdom Network restructures human time and attention and would deliver a rapid jump in productivity and growth. Restructuring human time and attention is the only source of a rapid jump in productivity and growth.  No technology or innovation could have the same pervasive impact to deliver a material impact.
In a Wisdom Network, there is no duplication. Every physical thing has one virtual thing. It also overcomes the tendency of the hierarchy to focus more on process and less on outcomes as the hierarchy grows larger. Wisdom Networks are focussed on outcomes. This means that people that were information organisers of process contribute wisdom to things and achieving outcomes.

Comprehensive information available
A introduction presentation "European Wisdom Network (EWN) crowd creates productivity, growth, a single digital market and Network Society" is available at . A second presentation "Wisdom Networks crowd create Network Society" provides detail at . There are 3-4 other presentations that encompass equity market, SME growth and patient-centric healthcare. These are available at .

Demonstration available
The European Wisdom Network (EWN) can be demonstrated in 3 minutes.

A 30 year delay before the second generation use the internet to restructure society
Secondly, there is a 30 year delay before the internet is used to its full potential to reshape society. We literally need to wait 30 years for a generation to die out before opportunities to improve society are fully exploited. Sometimes, the phenomena is also described as government using yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

Europe can not afford to wait 30 years
Europe can not afford to wait another 15 years for the second internet generation to be given positions of influence. From an economics perspective, productivity is negative, growth is inadequate and debt is approaching unserviceable levels. From a social perspective, citizens of the EU resent others for a variety of reasons.

Need to accelerate the evolution to “Wisdom of Crowds”
Europe NEEDS to accelerate the evolution toward the wisdom of crowds given economic and social challenges. Without a proactive approach Europe may descend into crisis, lower standards of living and social decay.

Citizens already understand Wisdom, government understands
The future of 300m people depends upon politicians that understand the Information Age while most of their constituents are ready for Wisdom Networks. Europeans spend 6-8 hours a day playing games or on social networks. Europe needs to restructure and focus citizen time and effort to unify Europe and create productivity, growth and wealth. The vision for a United Europe can be achieved with a gamified EWN ( and ).




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