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Take part in the first pilot test worldwide mobile coverage at sea

Throughout the month of August the boats have mobile coverage.

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Meeting with European Industry on Internet Governance - Preparing for the IGF

The Commission is interested in the key messages you would like to be delivered in Istanbul as well as details on your engagement/participation in the IGF, to facilitate coordination and to provide greater evidence of EU support to IGF. 

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WEBINAR - Preparation for IGF Istanbul 2-5 September: Exchange of views with Civil Society

Draft Agenda

1.    An intense year for Internet governance - taking stock of Internet governance developments

Debrief by the European Commission and exchange of information and views with participants

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Connecting European innovators to ICT test facilities

Connecting European innovators to ICT test facilities - How to push research boundaries and gain competitive edge, 27 June 2014, Paris

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Future Horizon 2020 R&I challenges and opportunities

Priority setting under Horizon 2020 is based on "sound evidence, analysis and foresight" provided by experts and where appropriate, through civil society engagement (Annex 1.1 "Programming" of the Council Decision establishing the Horizon 2020

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BIK Futures #1: Young consumers and creators online

While companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter provide us with free online services, what they get in return is much more valuable than what they could charge users for their services.

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BIK Futures #2: Rights-risks-responsibilities

In 10-15 years we will be even more connected and technology will be woven into most things we do - while information flows in even broader rivers than today.

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Testbed Interoperability

FIRE is approaching experimentation from two angles: the “FIRE facilities”, i.e.

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Evolution of FIRE: Facilities, Services and Collaboration Strategies for Sustainability

The workshop looks at both the demand and supply side of FIRE facilities to help define pathways towards sustainability by creating a dynamic ecosystem that can continue to evolve over time.

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Consumer internet economy brainstorm

The emerging consumer internet economy involves many sectors: media, financial services, automotive; in fact any sector undertaking business-to-consumer eCommerce, or likely to be disrupted by future migration of its retail business model to the internet.  Stakeholders have a perception that Euro