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LIBRARY ENTRYLife Cycle Assessment of Metals: A Scientific Synthesis elemonne02 days 14 hours ago
EVENTCloudscape Brazil 2014, 20 October, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Stephanie Parker03 days 12 hours ago
FUTUREDRIHM - an e-Science Environment for a changing world nicolarebora04 days 13 hours ago
FUTUREEmpowerment, Governance and Policy Making Alex Atreides16 days 11 hours ago
FUTURE3D Printing econo.curator26 days 19 hours ago
EVENTTake part in the first pilot test worldwide mobile coverage at sea ramoncod11 week 4 days ago
BLOG POSTBeyond Darwin franco11 week 5 days ago
POLLShould programming classes become obligatory in the 21st information century? Transcend Biology22 weeks 3 days ago
POLICY IDEAE-Learning for All - No more "Agencies" mirandabend12 weeks 3 days ago
POLLShould modern astrophysics become a standard part of education as proposed by Neil deGrasse Tyson in Cosmos;A spacetime Odyssey Transcend Biology22 weeks 3 days ago
LIBRARY ENTRY The 7-S Framework for Collaboration Platforms design lucysetian02 weeks 4 days ago
EVENTWEBINAR - Preparation for IGF Istanbul 2-5 September: Exchange of views with Civil Society Cristina Monti53 weeks 2 days ago
LIBRARY ENTRYInternational Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples martine g01 month 3 days ago
FUTUREEthnic Minority Rights martine g11 month 1 week ago
EVENTMeeting with European Industry on Internet Governance - Preparing for the IGF Cristina Monti11 month 2 weeks ago
FUTUREA World Without Poverty administrator21 month 3 weeks ago
LIBRARY ENTRYState of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2014 martine g01 month 4 weeks ago
LIBRARY ENTRYSelf-driving cars: the next revolution elaf12 months 2 days ago
LIBRARY ENTRYThe Warka Water Tower martine g02 months 1 week ago
FUTUREThe Future of Democracy mmiele8602 months 1 week ago
EVENTConnecting European innovators to ICT test facilities Stephanie Parker02 months 2 weeks ago
FUTUREWater won't be an issue even in deserts Tiziano Demaria22 months 2 weeks ago
LIBRARY ENTRYMuscle-powered bio-bots walk on command techno.curator02 months 2 weeks ago
FUTURESocial Network for Fishermen’s associations. Mobile Maritime Hub 2009-2050 ramoncod32 months 3 weeks ago
THEMEHyper-connected human techno.curator42 months 3 weeks ago