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With more or less unlimited bandwidth and computing power, in 2040 anyone can have access from anywhere to their own virtual secretary, personal assistant or like some people call it, their own Personal Digital Butler (PDB). It is personalised artificial intelligence on call 24/7.This cloud based service provides you with assistance in all areas. It tracks what you are doing, where you are... Read more Comment · 1 day 1 hour ago
Will the future have religion?  The rise of atheism and the decline of participation in traditional religions in the West suggest that the future of religion is very uncertain. According to a 2012 poll, the number of atheists in Britain has risen from 14% to 42% since 1963.  It has also been reported that 71% of French Catholics under the age of 35 reject religion.  In Ireland... Read more Comment · 1 day 4 hours ago
In the coming 10-20 years we will see the emergence of new network architectures, protocols and technologies integrating flexible and cognitive network management, and supporting Internet mobility and scalability at all levels.The following major developments are expected, underpinned by increasing research investments worldwide, particularly by industrial stakeholders:Greater integration and... Read more Comment · 3 days 2 hours ago
Like every Thursday afternoon, 124 years old Margaret goes to her club to play bridge with her friends. Her robot companion, Alfred, has difficulty to follow her. "Maggy, he said, your new nano implants are still in trial mode, you should not hurry-up like that! And have you taken your daily anti-virus patch?" Ah, dear Alfred, my old friend and best soul mate, thought Margaret, the time has come... Read more Comment · 1 week 3 days ago
Throughout the month of August the boats have mobile coverage.Important Notice: Deadline extended test until the month of OctoberFrom Tarragona to Sant Carles de la Ràpita, with a range of 22 nautical miles.Communications Maritime Hub promotes this test pilot.To participate request and download the App. "Delta Test" developed by Xata & Co, for iPhone and Android.This application allows you to... Read more Comment · 1 week 5 days ago
Di Schrödinger - gatto era un famoso esperimento mentale che coinvolge un (macroscopico) gatto il cui stato quantico si intreccia con quella di un (microscopico) particella quantistica .Lo studio di tali micro-macro entanglement correlazione è uno degli obiettivi del QUANTUM CREATIVITA 'TRANS-DISCIPLINARE PROGETTO. La luce che vediamo coinvolge in miliardi simultaneità di fotoni. E 'noto che il... Read more Comment · 2 weeks 5 days ago
In 2050, we learned from the economical crisis that occurred in 2009-2020 that money is not a valid economical way to make profit anymore.Indeed, too much poverty was caused  by money. It created profit processes based on the development of the Ego of a few individuals at the expense of the majority. Thus money is a looser actor, as it did not make the majority rich but the minority.This led... Read more Comment · 4 weeks 21 hours ago
A century ago, the diversity of metals employed by the industry was limited in comparison with todays technologies usages. Future global demand for metals is expected to increase further as a result of urbanization and new infrastructure construction in developing countries, widespread use of electronics, and transitions in energy technologies Environmental impact of 63 metals life cycle is... Read more Comment · 1 month 4 days ago
Predicting weather and climate and its impacts on the environment, including hazards such as floods and landslides, is still one of the main challenges of the 21st century with significant societal and economic implications. At the heart of this challenge lies the ability to have easy access to hydrometeorological data and models, and to facilitate the collaboration between climatologists,... Read more Comment · 1 month 6 days ago
In 2050, people will be more empowered than ever to share knowledge, be aware about their environment and take informed and responsible decisions. The emergence of communities of empowered individuals will likely challenge the roles of the representative decision makers currently running politics, information, education and welfare systems.There will be a shift in democracy, particularly in the... Read more Comment · 1 month 1 week ago