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The future of the self-image of the human being in the Age of Transhumanism, Neurotechnology and Global Transition

In the present moment of cultural and political transition, one question seems to become the center of most other societal and civilizational questions: will the basic self-perception of the human being change under the influence of the new “neurotechnologies” and its accompanying ideologies like “Human enhancement” and “Transhumanism”? And if yes, how? Applied consciousness research is currently one-sidedly understood as brain research, and it is carried out mainly by the Natural Sciences under the influence of the “Economic–Technological Complex” and its relatively narrow interests.

The "Transhumanist Reader" is first overview of transhumanist thought

The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future, edited by Max More and Natasha Vita-More, will be published April 29, 2013.

It is the “first authoritative and comprehensive survey of the origins and current state of transhumanist thinking, according to the editors, and the anthology includes a roster of leaders in transhumanist thought.

Robot Companions and Humanoids in 2050

Like every Thursday afternoon, 124 years old Margaret goes to her club to play bridge with her friends. Her robot companion, Alfred, has difficulty to follow her. "Maggy, he said, your new nano implants are still in trial mode, you should not hurry-up like that! And have you taken your daily anti-virus patch?" Ah, dear Alfred, my old friend and best soul mate, thought Margaret, the time has come for you to get an upgrade I believe…


Trans-humanism and the Enhanced Mankind

Genetically Enhanced Humans (GEH), a subset of Genetically Modified Organisms, will be majority in the world.

GEH will be characterised by better senses and biological capabilities that are in so far prerogative of other species (e.g. speed, resistance, adaptation to extreme conditions, etc.).

Following the philosophical path of trans-humanism, the augmentation of human's cognitive and intellectual abilities through technological implants, such as memory and energy storage, will be possible.


The Plug & Play Human

Organs will be re-generated in vitro and implanted with 100% success rate, similar to plugging new devices into 20th century computers.

There will be no limit to the production of stem cells. Each individual will have an unlimited stock available for many potential usages, from recovering dysfunctions to improving physical capabilities.

Stem cells will be used to grow or repair any type of organ, in-vitro or in-situ. Transplant rejection will no longer be an issue.

With the exception of the brain, amputated organs will be replaceable by new ones.

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