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Generative ownership

The current economic buzzword is 'generative' - the economy is undergoing a sea-change transformation as more and more corporations climb on the lifeboat that has rescued so many already from the nastiness of cut-throat competition without ethics for the sake of a dwindling number of faceless but vastly rich shareholders.


Owning our future: the emerging ownership revolution

As long as businesses are set up to focus exclusively on maximizing financial income for the few, our economy will be locked into endless growth and widening inequality. But now people across the world are experimenting with new forms of ownership, which Kelly calls generative: aimed at creating the conditions for all of life to thrive for many generations to come. These designs may hold the key to the deep transformation our civilization needs.

The emergent ownership revolution

Can we sustain a low-growth or no-growth economy indefinitely without changing dominant ownership designs? That seems unlikely. Probably impossible. How, then, do we make the turn? How can we design economic architectures that are self-organized not around profit maximization, but around serving the needs of life?

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