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Global Systems Science and Urban Development

This report is the outcome of a number of consultations launched at the end of 2012 by Commission DG CONNECT and the FP7 project EUNOIA about the definition of the research agenda in the area of Global Systems Science (GSS) and urban development. It presents the concept of Global Systems Science and an overview of the challenges and competing forces associated to urban development in the 21st century is presented, both from an intraurban and an interurban perspectives.

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Key research questions and challenges for Global Systems Science ( GSS ) Second year deliverables Contents :

This report of Global Systems Dynamics and Policy (GSDP) discusses about the key research questions and challenges for Global Systems Science (GSS), related to emerging global ICT-infrastructure and other issues as: energy, water and food supply systems; internet; global financial system; agents, resources and mechanisms involved in climate policy; web of military forces and relations; globally spreading diseases; scientific community.

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This report discusses the concept of the Global Systems Science (GSS) that aims at developing systems, theories, languages and tools for computer-aided policy making. It presents a background material for an Orientation Paper on GSS which can be used to support strategic science policies and capacity building in this domain.

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Global Systems Science - An emerging research field

The societal challenges facing the world are substantial. Two major aspects, the connectivity across subject domains and globalisation, are putting demands on decision makers for which the available tools provide insufficient guidance. Humankind has reached a situation where existing policy instruments are clearly unable to provide sustainable outcomes on a global scale. The challenges laid down by an increasingly integrated market economy, by climate change and other environmental threats, food security, or energy sufficiency are today all global in nature.

Global Systems Science and Our Futures

GSS will drive change in several ways.  It will enable the drive to develop an integrated policy perspective on tackling of global challenges. This will include integration of not just policies, but also governments and diverse functional backgrounds and expertise.  It will also drive the development of a research agenda in GSS that will tackle the fundamental challenges inherent in GSS and encountered when developing policy relevant knowledge in this future where GSS is central.


Visions in Global Systems Science: Models and Data

Public policy making, when addressing challenges such as climate change, financial crises, or containment of pandemics, suffers from an intrinsic difficulty: these global challenges generate strong interdependencies between different social, technological, and natural systems. In dealing with them, societies tend to address individual systems, rather than multiple interrelated systems, and thereby fail to achieve systemic change.

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