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Talking Futures with Futurium thought leaders! Watch, listen to and read interviews on life in 2050


Talking Futures

Life in 2050 according to Futurium thought leaders

A new section on Futurium is now up and running - it's the Talking Futures interview series, available here

As part of the Talking Futures series, we will be posting interviews (videos, podcasts and write-ups) with thought leaders, who share their visions and policy ideas on various aspects of life in 2050.

First up we have Beth Coleman on "Future virtual worlds" (video), Matthias Weber on the Future of science and research" (audio), Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney on the "Future of teaching and learning" (text), Bob Jones on the "Future of scientific computing and big data" (audio) and Jan Phillip Albrecht on the "Future of data protection" (text).   

More will follow soon, so stay tuned on Futurium to hear the latest from the future! 

Suggestions about the next interviewees and themes are also welcome. Please post them either as comments on this blog or use the hashtag #TalkFtr on Twitter.

Note: The interviews may be accessed only when you are registered here and/or logged in here to Futurium.

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