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Smart City Exhibition 2013 & Smart Cities, Gender and Inclusion Workshop, Bologna

After the great success of the Smart City Exhibition 2012, Bologna Smart will also in 2013 collect the most advanced experiences through several interaction opportunities: keynotes, labs, conferences, business meetings, trainings, face to face meetings etc. An expositive section will present to the public the best products and solutions.

Four hours of open talk with more than 150 participants and a room overflowing with people sitting on the floor and in every corner: politicians, local administrators, representatives of global ICT corporations, SMEs, researchers, NGOs, professionals.

Key isues on the agenda of the Smart Cities, Gender and Inclusion workshop at the Smart City Forum 2012 in Bologna were the quality and sustainability of life, open data , mobility and transport, teleworking, urban security, e-health, reduction of energy consumption, urgency of sharing of care work in pairs and between individuals and society.

Everything seen through 'gender lens', that is, by focusing on the needs of women in the knowledge economy, and recognizing that the gender perspective is intertwined with the generational, cultural, ability, social class and sexual orientation.

Women want to be the protagonists in a decisive game for the innovation policy as that for the Smart Cities: through interventions by the workshop it became clear that the request to involve women in governance and urban innovation and at all stages needs analysis and planning, participation / the public / the implementation and monitoring of Smart Cities.

A real process of collective intelligence has characterized the whole debate, which led to a Manifesto and a "to do list" , which emerge from a collective debate through this blog


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Wednesday, 16 October, 2013 - 10:00 to Friday, 18 October, 2013 - 18:00
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