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Shaping Future Internet Research and Experimentation for Horizon 2020 - FIRE Forum

The first FIRE Forum, organised with an open workshop and networking event, will be held at iMinds in Ghent, Thursday, 24 October from 08:45 to 15:45.

The whole FIRE community is invited as well as other relevant communities interested in Future Internet Research and Experimentation.

The interactive workshop will discuss the Future Internet and FIRE Vision 2020 among relevant players, stakeholders and communities related to Future Internet research, experimentation and innovation. The workshop and networking event will explore opportunities for collaboration within the new H2020.

The evolution of the Future Internet research, experimentation and innovation landscape creates new opportunities for collaboration among players and stakeholders from research, industry and SMEs, Smart Cities and regions, and innovation intermediaries. Synergies should be explored between initiatives and programs such as FIRE, EIT ICT Labs, FI-PPP, the new 5G PPP initiative, Smart Cities and Living Labs as well as national research networking initiatives (Géant) and Future Internet initiatives worldwide. The upcoming Horizon 2020 program provides a multi-year framework to strengthen cross-links between actors and communities and building and exploiting new forms of cooperation. In this cooperation, FIRE aims at fulfilling a specific role as the research and innovation “engine” of the evolving European Future Internet ecosystem.

In this workshop YOU have excellent opportunity to:

  • Learn current status of FIRE activities
  • Understand how FIRE should evolve to bridge the gap between demands and facilities in H2020
  • Get to know the latest development and future plans of FIRE towards 2020 and how to shape Horizon 2020 for the Future Internet
  • Interact with other workshop participants
Discussions will be about the Future Internet research and experimentation challenging scenarios for 2020, facilities and services evolution, and how to bridge the gap between demands and facilities in H2020. Several Commission Units will express their priorities towards 2020. Room will be given to discussion and networking all along the day.

A preliminary agenda:

Shaping Future Internet Research and Experimentation for Horizon 2020
open workshop and networking event / FIRE Forum

Organized by the AmpliFIRE CSA


Welcome coffee



Event introduction. FIRE Forum  [05min]
Keynote: European Commission presenting Horizon 2020 and FIRE priorities  [15min]

Jacques Magen / Hans Schaffers
Nikos Isaris / Per Blixt (TBC)


Future Internet research and experimentation – FIRE’s Vision and challenging scenarios for 2020 [10 min]
Q&A  [15min]

Presenters and moderators: Scott Kirkpatrick – Michael Boniface


Future Internet facilities and services evolving towards 2020 – Facilities viewpoints on “how to complement the current FIRE offer (current and long term vision)”  [45min]
Interactive discussion  [45min]

Panel discussion with various representatives presenting their view (FIRE STREPs, FI-PPP, Smart Cities, Living Labs, EIT-ICT Labs/CI-FIRE TBC) [5min each] 
 Moderators: Scott Kirkpatrick + Michael Boniface


Coffee break



Future Internet research, experimentation and innovation – Experimenters view on bridging the gap between experimenter demands and experimental facilities during the H2020 time frame  [45min]
Interactive discussion  [45min]

Panel discussion with various experts presenting their view (FIRE facilities, FI-PPP, selected experts TBC) [5min each]

 Moderators: Stefan Bouckaert  + Annika Sällström


Networking lunch



Horizon 2020’s priorities for shaping the Future Internet – Commission Units viewpoints  [30min]
Interactive discussion  [45min]

E1: Luis Rodriguez-Rosello or Bernard Barani
E2: Ken Ducatel or Francisco Medeiros
E3: Jesus Villasante or Peter Fatelnig
E4:  Per Blixt or Nikolaos Isaris
 Moderator : Hans Schaffers


Reports of the day and final remark

Géraldine Quetin + moderators
+ initiatives final remarsk
 (5min feedback each one)
Per Blixt, Hans Schaffers

Spread the word and invite your community!

The event details on the FIRE web at:

Date & Time: 
Thursday, 24 October, 2013 - 08:45 to 15:45
iMinds, Ghent University, 8 Gaston Crommenlaan, Ghent, Flanders 9050 BE
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