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The Plug & Play Human

Organs will be re-generated in vitro and implanted with 100% success rate, similar to plugging new devices into 20th century computers.

There will be no limit to the production of stem cells. Each individual will have an unlimited stock available for many potential usages, from recovering dysfunctions to improving physical capabilities.

Stem cells will be used to grow or repair any type of organ, in-vitro or in-situ. Transplant rejection will no longer be an issue.

With the exception of the brain, amputated organs will be replaceable by new ones.

Nano-robots will help diagnosis and treatment of diseases at any age, including pre-birth surgery. They will be able to read from and write into our biology. They can also detect and destroy neoplasms, thus defeating cancer forever.

Similar to nano-robots, bio-computers will be inoculated into the human body to perform complex tasks, for instance sensing and monitoring the status of organs or repairing tissues and organs in real-time, in-situ, at a micro and nano scale.

The augmentation of human's cognitive and intellectual abilities through the plug-in of technological implants, such as memory and energy storage, will be possible.

Thanks to the capability to reconstruct organs and functionalities, disabled people will enjoy sensory experiences equivalent to the rest of the society; their psychophysics conditions will significantly improve.




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