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One Hermetical Constitution for Law, Business & Trade & Export.

Collision Testing Compliance for One New Clean & Clear & Protective Universal Central Nervous System for International Laws - All! No matter what Language, Level or Country the Laws are born in and for who they are designed for!

Based upon my experiences & issues pertaining to International Business Law & Practise & Immigration Laws simultaneously brokering & embarking within & upon E-Commerce inside and for The Digital Economy.

All elements will be referenced by my own life experiences and encounters with Law from Australia to European Countries as a Woman, because that is what I am.

Where I must represent Men, I will and also Children - allowing for references and exhibits to detail my hypothesis and demand for a New Compliance Systemisation and Harmonisation.

All elements will be embedded upon and into a Case Based Reasoning perspective and approach, in order to grapple and wrestle down the human touch elements which become too painful for some people to comprehend - so I am dousing the theory into a more emotionless-state.

To better learn from the mistakes and alchemise the solutions into a New Justice System and or New Digital Models and Change Management Mechanism & Tool ready for Instutional Reform & Systems Renewal Plans and Agendas.

Examining The Death of a Law
Proving One Law Collides with Another
Showcasing Laws which Destroy the very essence they were Designed to embody & protect
Highlighting Laws which are Hidden, Secret & Blackading Human Opportunity
Black-hole creations are Legally Designed to be impartial but Absorb and Destroy Business

EU Immigration Law in opposition to EU Border Laws
Dutch Government accepting EU Residencies as Profiteering - No access to Citizens' Rights
German Government non-adherence to Ancient Blood Laws Jus Sanguinis Rights
Australian Industrial Relations Commission ommission of Protection of own Countrys' Citizens' own Rights
Legal & partial & Coproate Enforcement of no equal rights to pay for Women Worldwide.
Corporate Law Bending Practices within Lobbying Community
Corporate Law and Investment in Political Structure - Superiority Complexes
Dutch Chamber of Commerce - Participation in & acceptance of rumourtrage & shutting down legal business
Dutch European Investment Fund Partner Network not honouring Microcredit access for women. And no right of reply or complaint or duty of care or governance to transparency or investigation process allowed.
Italy no access to protection in case of attack - feeding frenzy of theft on Torusits, a wilful allowance of a Black Market Trade in Passports
The Netherlands no access to protection in case of attack  - theft is considered your bad luck and be grateful you are not harmed, no access to victims rights nor compensation.

More details forthcoming...



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