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The idea of an infraethics is simple, but it may be misleading. It would be wrong to think that an infraethics is morally neutral. Rather, it has a dual-nature: it can both facilitate and hinder morally good as well as evil actions. At its best, it is the grease that lubricates the moral mechanism. So it is easy to mistake the infraethical for the ethical, since whatever helps goodness to flourish or evil to take roots partakes of their nature. Building and maintaining the right sort of infraethics is one of the crucial challenges for our information society. When talking about infrastructures, policy-makers have more on their plates than just networks of bits and atoms.

How can we design the successful facilitations and constraints provided by the right infraethics?
Is it possible to build a coherent system of good infraethical rules and morally good values, such as civil rights?
Why is it so difficult to balance security and privacy?



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