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Ground-breaking Policies for Future Societies

The purpose of the workshop "Ground-breaking policies for future societies" was to elaborate new and alternative ideas for beyond-2020 policies inspired by the long term advances of ICT and other key enabling technologies and sciences.

Using the futures co-created on the Futurium as a baseline, participants reflected on the associated challenges and opportunities and drew new elements to inform future policy debates from a long-term perspective, i.e. based not only on the evidence provided by today's trends, but also on ground-breaking ideas emerging from the collective wisdom and creativity of the participants.

The event gathered more than 150 participants, including the members of the Digital Agenda High Level Group, the Digital Champions, the Young Advisers, representatives of the OnLife initiative, members of the Erasmus student network and scientists.

After the brief introduction and scene-setting by Robert and Franco, Linda and Jan explained the flow of conversation and highlighted the main principles behind the participatory approach. The techniques used are inspired by the Art of Participatory Leadership (see basic elements here).


Then, Adam and Afonso kick started the reflection by illustrating future scenarios along the 10 selected topics to: 1) create a future-oriented mind-set across all delegates; 2) build a baseline for reflection in the subsequent sessions.


The next step was to build a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated to the future snapshots. The 10 topics were allocated to tables in the room. Due to the high number of participants, each topic was associated to two tables. At each table there was a host who did not take part in the discussion and recorded the main elements emerging from the conversation. 

At each table, the first 10 minutes were used as individual reflectio time. Each participant could read the visions and harvest her/his first thoughts individually on individual templates. At this stage participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to discuss challenges and opportunities related to the future allocated to the table.  During the session the conversation was recorded at the table on flip chart papers by the host and by participants. The mind maps are available within the page of the individual futures. At the end of this session, key challenges and opportunities were chosen to present back into the plenary session.

After a the coffee break, the flow continued with a free brainstorming on the scope of possible future policies to address the challenges and/or opportunities resulting from the previous session. What needs to be done to pave the way to 2050's futures/visions? The outcome was a set of broad pathways captured in mind-maps. The most important policy ideas were presented back in the plenary by table's represenatatives. The mind maps are available under the futures pages.

Finally, Robert and Franco gave an overview of the next steps and the need/opportunitiy to continue the conversation online on the Futurium.


The results of the event are available for improvement on this page. Continue the debate on Futurium whenever you feel a need to have a say! You can comment and further elaborate the findings, futures and policy ideas!

This is your opportunity to be involved in shaping the ideas around future-driven issues and policies that matter to you. The floor is yours!  

Snapshots of the mindmaps taken at the workshop can be retrieved here.

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, 18 June, 2013 - 13:30 to 18:00
Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
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