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Generative ownership

The current economic buzzword is 'generative' - the economy is undergoing a sea-change transformation as more and more corporations climb on the lifeboat that has rescued so many already from the nastiness of cut-throat competition without ethics for the sake of a dwindling number of faceless but vastly rich shareholders.

The new paradigm of ownership places 'purpose' at the centre and is rooted in human intention to serve life - understanding (as we now do, after some pretty scary wake-up calls back in 2015-20, when almost every aspect of society nearly went belly-up) that having humanity serving life is the surest way to ensure that humanity thrives.

Almost all alternative energy generation (which accounts for 75% of our needs, now that we have scaled back our consumption, also as a result of this live-serving paradigm shift) is cooperatively owned by the communities that consume the energy; our homes, our banks, our farms and our public spaces are likewise held in trust by their true stakeholders.

The Internet is no exception - the whole spectrum of etheric waves being considered a Commons and stewarded accordingly.


A different paradigm of ownership could undermine some of the Western world's very damaging assumptions that keep us stuck on an unsustainable and life-denying path.

What would our economy and society look like if we put service of life in the centre, instead of maximized profit?



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