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Future Smart Building

Foreword: “You are invited to enter the future building. A new perception environment where everything move on around you and can be totally interacted. The result will be a model of the building realized and monitored in all its lifetime. You are trained to the use of technologies by the building itself”

The building is a world in itself. It integrates energy efficiency strategies and materials, generation technologies (m-CHP), distribution technologies (HVAC), and energy stores (boilers, batteries) with end user behaviour (energy saving). The next energy revolution will probably be related to the availability of a complex set of technologies able to realise real energy-inter-independent solutions. Individuals may be supplied of technologies able to generate the energy they need: an essential contribution to the energy generation problem coupled to the energy consumption side. About 40% of total energy consumption is actually utilised at the building level. Buildings may provide a larger contribution in terms of energy savings and may become independent energy nodes, leading to the concept of the smart house of the future.


which are the barriers or opportunities for a wide market penetration of distributed energy solutions in buildings?
Which are the issues and concerns for a wide social acceptance of e new energy model?



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