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The Future of Personal Data and Citizenship

The discussions related to the Snowden affair has firmly put personal data protection at the political agenda. Digital Enlightenment Forum 2013 in Brussels (18-20 Sep) will give ample opportunity to listen to experts and discuss together on the policies needed for the future.

What is the Enlightenment for the Digital Age?

How can the right to privacy be protected in a society relying increasingly for its security on surveillance and big data. Is the NSA affaire an eye-opener for citizens and a step to awareness and better a better privacy for the digital era?

Find out and help answer all at once by coming to the 2013 edition of the Digital Enlightenment Forum (DEF2013). -->

In his Afterword to the Digital Enlightenment Forum Yearbook 2013 Kim Cameron notes that recent events present "ominous omens" of the extent to which government takes liberties in glaring into private communications and/or so-called metadata. In view of the Big Data (r)evolution and the introduction of Smart Grids, Smart Cars and Smart Glasses we might expect similar snooping into the floods of behavioral data meant to create added value within both the private and the public sector.

Even if little of what was made public by Mr. Snowden surprised professionals, there is a new public awareness and a new opportunity to shed light on a debate that, as Kim Cameron also notes in his Afterword, "has gotten cloudy very quickly".

Shedding light and "getting the definitions right" on metadata is a condition sine qua non of extending the social contract into the digital era.

This is central to DEF's mission.

The people that DEF brings together in September (and beyond) are well equipped to carry the required "deeper discussion of digital technology and its relation to society" with a view to a synthesis of views that will help show the way forward. The momentum created by the revelations of the NSA's observing and storing of metadata should be used to render these discussions both more profound and more effective. The Conference brings together leading privacy scholars, regulators and the industry and we hope that you will find a way of joining the discussion on these urgent and important matters that require robust decision-making across disciplinary and professional boundaries.�

Listen to key notes of:

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Director World Wide Web Consortium),
  • Hamadoun Touré (Secretary General ITU),
  • Robert Madelin (Director General CNECT, EC),
  • Peter Hustinx (European Data Protection Supervisor) and
  • Luciano Floridi (Oxford University)

and join this discussions on digitisation and society, focused on Personal Data Management with a multi-disciplinary group of experts at the 2013 Conference of Digital Enlightenment Forum Asbl, under the title:

      Personal Data and Citizenship in the Digital Society

including on 20 Sep, the FUTURES Workshop, co-organised with the EC (DG CNECT):

                The Future of Personal Data.

The Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2013, The Value of Personal Data, edited by Mireille Hildebrandt, Kieron O'Hara and Michael Waidner, will be presented at the Forum and freely available to participants.

DEF2013 should be a highlight of the 2013 calendar for anybody who thinks about where this is all going.

Any further questions you want to raise at this stage? Fell free to post them here or in one of the connected blogs!




Date & Time: 
Friday, 20 September, 2013 - 09:00 to 15:00
Brussels, Crowne Plaza Hotel Brussels - Le Palace Rue Gineste 3
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