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Future Networked Workspaces

On 17 May 2013 (1 PM Brussels time / CET), as part of the "Future Fridays" series of webinars on Futurium, Simon Ulvund, global managing director of the Hub network  presented his vision of Future Networked Spaces.

Below is the video of Simon Ulvund's keynote speech during the webinar. Feel free to comment and add any ideas on this platform!



In a world of resource scarcity, rapid population growth, climate and systemic change, one thing remains pretty sure: collaboration will be at the core of this.

From the coming together of the first prehistoric tribes, searching for safety, procreation and belonging, collaboration was the key that brought our ancestors together and allowed them success, and to this date, collaboration remains essential to human survival.

So what are platforms for collaboration now and what will they look like in the future?

When we speak of platforms we immediately think technology and there are tons of exciting collaborative platforms out there. And then there are more physical platforms that are perhaps closer to home. Spaces for collaboration are anywhere from local community centers, to shared offices like the co-working movement or networks of mission driven spaces for impact through collaboration like the HUB.

What we'll hopefully see in the future is an interlinking of the virtual and the physical collaborative space trans-locally in ways that go way beyond what we see the inkling of today. The total integration of physical and virtual infrastructure will lead to new spaces for non-collaboration. For quiet and shelter from the noise. For reflection and learning.  

Simon Ulvund is engaged in scaling social enterprise. He has been working in the organisational transformation of local social enterprises as well as being engaged in larger scale international transition and turnaround processes.

Simon loves learning, immersive gaming, augmented reality, making intangible value sell-able, positive mutiny, creative processes, business models and conceptualization.

Simon works within the HUB global management team as global managing director.

Participation to this webinar was free and open to all those interested in the subject. The webinar took place entirely online in a virtual room.  
Those who want to understand all technical nuts and bolts of participation in our webinars through the virtual room may read the webinar mini-manual, downloadable from here.
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Friday, 17 May 2013 13:00 to 14:00
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