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File storage will be into DNA

It is a recently discovered and experimented method to store files into DNA-like molecula.

This leads me to think that in the future, storage of information, whatever information, can be stored in this way. We will get thus large amount of data, massively larger than the ones of today, condensed in a space of few nanometers.

But at this point in time the next boundary will be more ingriguing.

If data is storable into DNA-like molecula, what about storing them directly into the real DNA?

This will enable to transfer knowledge directly into the human being, injecting it definitely. It can be stored and transmitted as genetic heritage and enhanced/intensified. At the same time it can be read-AND-transmitted without distortion by anybody.

The way, thus, to learn will dramactically change and schools will not be anymore as they are today. There will be structures in which it is possible to give personal knowledge and acquire massive global knowledge directly into ourselves in few minutes, instead of years or decades.




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