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A few trends underpinning techno-centric visions 2050

Some technology trends may be unstoppable because of Moore's law, the singularity and the apparently exponential acceleration of technological growth.

Some technologies will become absolutely standard; others will disappear. There may be more diversity in terms of technologies that we can imagine today – but this may include continuing with some "old" technologies, for those who wish, including e.g. radio.

Today's actual and emerging technologies that may have an influence on future life include: convergence, cyber security, "eyes for the blind", Google glasses, ICT infrastructures, Spotify (to listen to one's own selection of radio programmes), Stuxnet and viruses.

Trends in the use of technologies include: "Being able to switch off wireless connections in meetings (if we want to) now" as well as mannequins in stores that can (e.g., through their eyes) monitor and measure shoppers' behaviours.

Who are gatekeepers and analysts of the wealth of data?
What kind of use could be made of technologies by major, mass, world powers?



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