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Every memory institution a digital pod

We have arrived at the moment when we all need to "liberate" as much knowledge as possible stored in the traditional media.

Those who have a mandate to do this are also those who have a mission to leverage access in the benefit of us all. These are the libraries, the archives, the museums and the galleries all over Europe.

Right now many of them are labouring in a collaborative effort concluded in Europeana project.

These culture memory institutions should be those who would be able, assisted by technology, to build and curate their own "knowledge pods".

Right now many are seeing their institutional repositories - a.k.a digital library - as a would be knowledge pod, but they do not realize the potential, the bigger frame in which their resources chould aggregate into.

For this there is a real need for a vision to gather in the same "pod" the skills and the technology to be able to create discrete articulated knowledge spaces. 


Changing the vission - changing the mindset.

Making LAMGs asses a new mission in concordance with the community member's digital behaviours.

Lack of financial incentives to invest in a total new type of service for the LAMGs.

Old practices inertia.


A full valorisation of local heritage.

A better contextualization of the resources curated.

Reafirming the role of the LAMGs in the community.

Creating an ubiquitous discretely articulated knowledge space in Europe.

Are you a future oriented person?
Are you interested to become a knowledge pod curator?
Are you ready to learn a new set of skills - a digital set?
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