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The Erasmus Student Network's Representatives Explore Digital Futures

Erasmus explores the future!

ESN's president Tania Berman invited Digital Futures for a follow-up of the workshop of 4th April 2012, The View of Young Policy-makers, organised at the European Commission's premises in Brussels. This time the meeting of CNR took place on Saturday 26 May in Reykjavik (Island).

From the Digital Futures' perspective, the objective of the workshop was to further shape visions and trends and to experiment new ways to hear the voice of young policy makers. From the ESN side there was an interest in kick starting a reflection on future policies of relevance to the ESN and seeing how these can fit within the broad EU context beyond Europe 2020.

The trends emerged from the previous Digital Futures debates were distributed to the participants ahead of the meeting. The group members were also asked to produce "news from the future" to capture their visions, aspirations and concerns.

The actual meeting consisted of the following sessions:

  • 1. Plenary opening circle where all participants were invited to share their personal motivations
  • 2. Storytelling session based on the 'News from the future'
  • 3. Voting of 'News of the future': seven out of 16 news were selected for discussion
  • 4. Break into two parallel sessions: one group to discuss the trends, the other group to discuss the selected "News from the future". Each of the group was run as a 'world cafe'.
  • 5. The hosts of the different tables reported back in the plenary.
  • 6. A final plenary circle was used to have a general feedback and to conclude the event.

Main topics discussed:

  • 1. The future of Europe
  • 2. Localisation and globalisation
  • 3. Geo-political dimension
  • 4. The future of student exchange programmes
  • 5. Tension between direct and delegated democracy
  • 6. Other interesting topics

Date & Time: 
Saturday, 26 May, 2012 - 14:00 to 18:00
Reykjavik (Island)
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