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Digital Futures First Core Foresight Workshop - Future and Present Snapshots

A memorable event - read the two reports!

Future and Present Snapshots - on board to the future: plenty of amazing ideas co-generated by a pool of 60 contributors during a remarkable participatory workshop in Brussels.

The first Digital Futures workshop took place in Brussels on 29-30 March, with more than 60 contributors identifying trends and visions for 2050. Plenty of interesting ideas emerged during an amazing participatory session. The approach used to harness the collective intelligence is known as The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter.

The participants were invited through a DG INFSO internal call for contributors where every staff member could propose names. You can see pictures of the workshop here.


What topics emerged from this first round?

Visions tumbled forth from the group's imagination. The highlights revolved aroundcommunication, communities, the economy, learning, manufacturing and business, peace and war, the planet and climate, policies and politics, and regulation. Technology trends blended and contrasted with social and societal trends. Prospects recognised as having high impact and, indeed, even being highly likely were not necessarily those described as the most desirable.

There was certainly a focus on the quality of life, work and well-being. But there were also dilemmas: trends towards individuals' empowerment that contrasted with increasing vulnerability; a tendency towards speed and short-termism counterbalanced by a longer-term focus on slow-tech; and anxiety about a growing "dark side" versus the truly hopeful, unexpected and unpredictable.
A comprehensive report will be made available on this site by the srping 2012 for comments and improvements by all.


What's next?

The workshop of 29-30 March is not a one-off event. An online event is planned on 29 May to further engage around the visions, analyse the challenges and opportunities stemming from them and assess them on the basis of their likelihood, desirability and impacts. A third workshop on 5-6 July focusing on the policy options will conclude this phase.
A first draft release of the visions (futures) and policy options is due by the end of October 2012, the second release by May 2013. The final version will be presented and debated at a final conference in Brussels in October 2013.


How to get involved?

Join Digital Futures on our online participatory lab, Futurium, to engage along with everybody who wishes to participate in shaping the visions and trends further and in identifying the policy options to be offered as inspiring ideas for the next Commission's policy framework and not only.

More snapshots on Flickr.

The list of Participants.

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Thursday, 29 March, 2012 - 09:00 to Friday, 30 March, 2012 - 17:00
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