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Designing collective intelligence: The future of civic collaboration

Global warming, mounting inequalities, loss in biodiversity, rogue finance: humanity is faced with problems of unprecedented scale and complexity, that have so far resisted anything we throw at them.

What these problems have in common is that they are not driven by any one "bad guy"'s agenda: they are emergent properties of the interaction of billions of individual agents (individuals, businesses and governments), just as our minds are an emergent property of our 90 billion neurons interacting. 

We, as individuals, can't control them, just as no neuron can control the mind. 

In the next webinar of the Future Friday series, Alberto Cottica will talk about the future of participation and the potential that lies in collective intelligence – an emergent property of the interactions of millions of connected humans that might have a chance to deploy a response at the same scale of of those problems. 

What is the future of the democracy? For Alberto, the answer is the participation on a massive scale.  He's sure that in the future we will be able to harness the collective intelligence to solve the social challenges we're facing.  Network analysis is already a promising tool to diagnose healthy, productive collaboration in large-scale online conversations.

Will it be used to go one step further and to design online communities for high-performance problem solving? What are the policy changes that are needed to create a thriving community of commited citizens?

Alberto Cottica is an economist and expert on collaborative public policies and online participation. He works with the Council of Europe and the University of Alicante. Committed to make government smarter and more open, uses the Internet to tap into the citizenry’s collective intelligence. He has been a reasonably successful rock musician but he is trying to quit.

The webinar will take place entirely online in a virtual room.
Click here to join us this Friday at 1pm CET. Those who want to understand all technical nuts and bolts of participation in the webinars may read the webinar mini-manual, downloadable from here.

Co-create with us the associated Future on Network Science for Future Policy Making.



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Friday, 12 April, 2013 - 13:00 to 14:00
Online event
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