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The Collider

The Collider is a unique knowledge-sharing event powered by multi-disciplinary/cultural leaders who want to better understand big challenges ahead, foster collaborations and translate ideas into actions.


The Collider Leadership Network provides the first neutral space in which these individuals can safely explore ways to support each other in gaining higher strategic insights and in accelerating personal and corporate changes that are required.

It’s through the collision between different ideas, different world views and different perspectives that we can find innovative ways of thinking, design resilient organisations, sustain economic growth and create jobs.

This December more than 300 leading media and digital agencies, publishers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers will collide to fusion ideas and pursue 4 goals:
1/ Building awareness and new understanding
By offering a multidisciplinary approach we can redefine challenges outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.
2/ Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations
Collaboration among leaders across disciplines is critical to understand challenges within their context, their complex, their totality in order to develop strategies that maintain a long-term competitive advantage.
3/ Integrating and sharing knowledge
The Collider provide the most energising environment where leaders can discuss and connect with their peers. These collisions lead to an immense and unmatched resource of insights into key challenges enabling business leaders to realise their ambitions through structured access to a multidisciplinary leadership network, enhancing careers, solving business issues and inspiring innovation.
4/ Enabling smart actions
All initiatives are driven by practicing industry leaders. We have a select governing body for every community we serve; they shape the agendas and lead the development of all initiatives so that the content and context remain pure and relevant. This model of, by leaders for leaders, ensures pure peer-to-peer dialogue among the participants from start to finish.
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Sunday, 24 November, 2013 - 11:00 to 21:00
Somewhere in London
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