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Centrality of Being Human

In 2050, individuals will be at the centre. They will be served by invisible technology and will organise around communities.

Communities will be sources of knowledge. They will organise around specific interests and then reorganise themselves when other needs emerge. They will experience co-creation and cross-fertilization. They will be organic, evolving and easy to dissolve and be reactivated.

This vision will be underpinned by Flexible Technology at the service of people.

The following issues will become prominent: individual empowerment, responsibility, new forms of entrepreneurship sustained by more creativity, emergence of "homo-prosumer" (a mix of a producer and consumer, similar to today's wikipedia model), crowdsourcing similar to today's InnoCentive, Threadless, Lazanos crowd-sourcing…

A new form of "connected individualism", which we can call "holism", will also emerge.

Core values may remain the same.

Social and Political Transformation will be characterised by self-responsibility, lifelong learning and creativity, leading to less linear lives.

There will be no specific geographic places to live. People will move according to their work or needs, driven by old and new values.

Societal challenges will be tackled locally but with a view to scaling up solutions at a global level in a participatory and federative way.

New governance models, institutional architectures and government structures will also emerge.

How to ensure sustainable welfare?
What are those values that will remain the same and those that will change?
Will there by different morals and ethics?
Will democracy still exist in its current form?



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