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BIK Futures #2: Rights-risks-responsibilities

Connected behaviours - rights, responsibilities and risks. Between inspiration and challenge - how should we work together for a Better Internet for Kids?

This event will be moderated by Prof. Brian O'Neill, from Dublin Institute of Technology.

In 10-15 years we will be even more connected and technology will be woven into most things we do - while information flows in even broader rivers than today. How can future technology be designed to tackle both existing and upcoming challenges; make kids inspired and challenged, as well as entertained and creating a desire in them to explore different types of knowledge?

Adults –including parents, teachers and policy makers have the very best intentions. That doesn't make their solutions the right ones. Maybe teens don’t want a “good” internet!They would maybe emphasise engaging, fun and an online worlds that offer content that is meaningful to them.

Those are among the salient issues – and what is our best approach to solve such challenges? Who should define the problems?Who should have responsibilities? What are the different tasks for public sector, industry, civil society, individuals – and youth themselves? What should be done on the international, national, regional and local level?

Related policy paradoxes to face are risk vs. harm, protection vs. privacy and the cultural context of risk. What types of opportunities and risks will arise? What is acceptable risk?

Prof. Brian O’Neill is Head of the School of Media at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. Brian's areas of research include media literacy, policymaking and public interest issues in media and communications related to children and youth. He has written widely on media technologies and media literacy for academic journals as well as for organizations such as UNICEF and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. He leads the policy work package for EU Kids Online and is also a member of Ireland's Internet Safety Advisory Council, and independent assessot for the ICT Coalition. In 2012 he was awarded a Government of Ireland Senior Research Fellowship to develop research related to youth media consumption in Ireland. You may be interested in reading his latest book!

Eric Krier, who works in the Luxembourgish Government, in Service National de la Jeunesse, will be the fire starter during this webinar.

The purpose of this debate is to identify emerging issues and trends, as well as action points to be taken up by relevant stakeholders.

This webinar is by invitation only and a summary will be posted here.

Everyone is invited to use the underneath Comments section to share thoughts, ask questions and bring in new threads!

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Monday, 19 May, 2014 - 12:30 to 14:00
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