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Beyond the final frontiers

Humans will be able to live longer as general heath will improve, yet the resources will still be constrained. Treatments for ageing will trigger extensive space exploration which is primarily to find new resources but also for many people to escape the constraints of life on earth where there are many problems with governance. These incentivise migration, including space colonisation in order to mine resources and escape the dysfunctional politics. 

On a political level, it is a full dystopia, the "perfect prison": everything is monitored by state and /or corporations. The individual is profoundly disturbed by this surveillance. A 1984-"orwellian" society - as far as there will be a society. The localness of politics may save us from a dystopia. High level of video presence will connect people much more to the cities --> conflicting on the level of urbanism. 

Need for a new means of energy provisions that is much more efficient. 




Keeping us sociable as humans.



Resolve resource limitations.




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