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Advertising - Brainstorming on norms and values for media in 2030, September 19th 2013

After a vote by the participants, the two topics below were selected for policy discussions:


1) Greater efficiency, including personalisation, as an opportunity


The media convergence creates significant challenges for the ad rules. More efficient advertising will help companies to target consumers with more relevant content. This trend results in a tension between the fundamental rights (e.g. privacy, etc.) and the societal interest of letting the online economy grow and create economic efficiencies.

To reconcile those aspects, the level of sensitivity of the data should be distinguished. In particular, the regulators and the data-processors (incl. firms, etc.) should make better distinction between personal data (eg. birth, personal status, sexual orientation, etc.) and non-personal data.


2) Privacy, transparency of editorial content and advertising as a challenge


Instead of several attempts of regulation (e.g. cookie legislation), contexts of vulnerability should be identified.

It should be recognized that data is stored in "leaky containers". Data is being used, there should be a fair-use policy, giving a clear a priori for certain uses but no others.

It should also be possible to query information on the data relating to you. Even if there is no clear solution (central repository of consumers' data?), this should be on the policy agenda, so can individuals can edit their data.

Who owns the data? Personal data are considered as an asset for companies. This value is often very significant particularly when the data are processed and analysed. This fact raises several questions. For example what are the rules of portability of data. What happens to data gathered by a company when it goes to bankrupt.  Should there be co-ownership of data?

Ways of policy making: can policy draw on big data too (data-savvy policy)?

Should there be auditors of data bases, of algorithms?






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