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Transparent government AND markets

in 2010 a famous yearbook of an US-foundation aligned both issues. And in fact, the tremendous success of the US-markets are based also on more transparent markets. if you purchase property in the US, the bulk of public statutory registers has been aggregated in one commercial database. including the list of owners and purchase price of the past 30 years. Low transaction costs to get a comprehensive overview on the market.

Q1: Excessive dataprotection regimes support in many cases only bad market stakeholders, but not provide transparency for the consumers. do you agree?
Q2: what kind of public sector information (PSI) would you require to set up such service?
Q3. Business assocations are close to the markets and their member companies and could provide qualified market information. shall we bring them on board or are the biased?
Q4. Citizens play a double role as buyer and seller. once they ask for high transparency, in the other case they refrain. do they understand that double role?



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