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ICT & Art Connect

Future Vision on art and ICT: Information and Communication Technology -ICT - and art connect to help boost together change and creativity in Europe.

ICT can enhance our capacity to sense the world, but an artwork can reach us more deeply. It is increasingly becoming part of our lives. It has changed our social habits and altered our perceptions of both ourselves and the world around us. Art does exactly the same, but art does more, it can provide unexpected representations of the world and thereby provoke new insights. How art togther with ICT can help us to perceive societal challenges in new ways and to find creative solutions?

A conscious dialogue between art and ICT could stimulate novel solutions to technological and societal challenges. It could lead to new designs for ICT. Such a dialogue could also provide a new conceptual base to argue about technology and its role in society.

A first workshop was organised in 2012. Documents can be found here: .

Based on this workshop we will now proceed further in 2013 -2014 towards a realisation of this future common vision for art and ICT.

Many exciting events to develop and facilatte collaborations across ICT and Art are currently taking place and being planned and you can find out all about them and how to get invoved on our website:

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The greatest challenge to this future is in facilitating ICT and Art Connections in such a way that both parties feel strong benefits from working together.


Through faciliating sucessful collaborations between ICT and Art we will have an opportunity to showcase the benefits widely to other potential collaborative partnerships and facilitate innovative co-creation projects that will put Europe at the forefront of new research whist ensuring that citizens are fully engaged in debates around the new technologies that will impact their future lives.

How can we stimulate the dialogue between art and ICT?
What can ICT bring to art and what can art bring to ICT?
How can artists contribute?
What novel solutions could we imagine?
How can co-creation between art and ICT best be facilitated?
How can art and ICT collaboration best enhance citizen engagement in new innovations in ICT?


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